• Wide Selection of Cardio Equipment. 

    • Treadmills​ (5)

    • Arc Trainers (4)

    • Ellipticals (3)

    • Bikes (4)

    • Stair Stepper

    • Rowing Machine

  • Strength and ​Conditioning Equipment for gym new comers all the way to fitness veterans.

    • Dumbbells up to 100LBs​

    • Power Rack allowing for many different Barbell Exercises.

    • Cable Machines that cover all major muscle groups.

    • Smith Machine for many guided lifts. Great for prone to injury joints.

  • Body weight section to provide plenty of room for active work outs.

    • Kettle Bells up to 45LBs​

    • Medicine/Wall Balls up to 30LBs

    • Battle Rope

    • Dumbbells up to 30LBs

    • TRX Ropes and Resistance Bands


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